Anna Ledgard is part of a research team with artists Emily Underwood-Lee, Brian Lobel and Emily Speed at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).  The team worked with parents at GOSH and GOSH Arts to consider the importance of finding space for yourself when you’re a parent or a carer of a child in hospital. The artists staged playful conversations at the bedside for parents across the wards asking where they go, and what they do to look after themselves when they are at GOSH. Emily Speed has used the information gathered from parents to make a collection of artworks which aim to support parents to care better for themselves when they are in the hospital. Anna Ledgard coordinated a reflective and evaluative process alongside the project.


Performances with 100 parents, carers and children at GOSH.

A permanent artwork/s situated in the wards at GOSH.

A resource that will be available for all parents at the hospital.

A publication exploring the research findings.

A project report.

Anticipated impact:

The project engaged with families and staff at GOSH, comprising of a diverse group crossing cultures, abilities, genders and ages.

The performative participatory sessions will engage specifically with parents and carers – through participating in sessions and experiencing the artwork they will be informally empowered to think about self-care and speak with each other about it.

GOSH has an average yearly footfall of over 300,000 which includes children, their families, support staff, medical staff, administrators, and others who will have an opportunity to engage with the public artwork. We hope the conversations generated by the project will inform decisions made in the hospital over the coming years including around the redevelopment of the GOSH island site and through research projects and delivery agendas which will improve the lives of GOSH families. Through a coordinated social media strategy, and using GOSH’s huge international Twitter (101k) and Instagram (18k) reach, we will create easy to digest and an impactful digital record of the process and artwork, ensuring that parents and carers and all those interested in patient advocacy, healthcare and arts & health can engage with Kicking Up Our Heels.