The Barometer of My Heart

The Barometer of My Heart was a participatory arts project exploring male health, masculine identity and potency.  Performances took place in London 15 September – 4 October 2015 presented with Artsadmin. An evaluation was carried out by the University of Central Lancashire

Following creative workshops with men in religious, military, sports and corporate settings, and medical research with men attending erectile dysfunction clinics at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, Mark Storor carved out a distinctive space for men to talk freely.  Inspired by these conversations, site-specific performances, made in collaboration with an international company of artists and participants, explored the  diversity of male experience.  Carnivalesque, primitive and tender: still and moving image, music and animation, live performance and sound combined to create an intimate reimagining of masculinity today.   This was the sixth major project funded by the Wellcome Trust in recognition of the important contribution Mark Storor and Anna Ledgard’s work makes to public engagement with issues of bio-medical science.




A disturbing and raw exploration of masculinity, potency and its constant companion, impotency.

Reviewer The Barometer of My Heart