BOYCHILD was an arts and science project exploring perceptions and attitudes towards maleness in society today. Conceived by artist Mark Storor and producer Anna Ledgard, BOYCHILD was the result of a year long collaboration between boys from Bridport Primary School and the Sir John Colfox School, fathers and fathers to be, the HM Young Offenders’Institute, Portland, health service staff and older men.

BOYCHILD involved the documentation of personal histories and experience through performance and oral history. The final event took an audience on an archetypal journey through the seven ages of man, bringing together the ideas and experiences of all those who have participated in a collective response to the experience of being male today. Additional contributions were made by composers Jules Maxwell and Jonathan Jevons, film maker Peter Snelling, Martin Hedley, photographer Andrew Whittuck and master baker Aiden Chapman.

Produced by educationalist Anna Ledgard. Artistic Director Mark Storor. BOYCHILD was produced in partnership with Dorset County Hospital Arts Project with the generous support of Southwell Park and Portland Spa.