Learning & professional development

Anna has been involved in research and leading professional development for artists with teachers, health professionals and others since she left teaching in 1992.  She is currently working with LWDWTraining UK on courses which encourage reflection on how to live life fully, while planning and preparing for the end of life.  Anna offers bespoke professional development and facilitation. Recent clients include: a youth and exchange project with young people in Dorset and Srebrenica with Opera Circus https://www.operacircusuk.com mentoring with Helium Arts, Dublin http://www.helium.ie; Dorset County Hospital and schools and local authorities across the UK.  From 1992 – 2004 Anna was an associate of  LIFT where, with colleague Tony Fegan, she developed innovatory professional development initiatives including: LIFT Teacher Forum & Animarts Action Research.   She is a regular contributor to conferences and seminars.

The learning programmes which Anna leads are based on the principle that the best way to prepare artists and partners in schools, hospitals or community for work together is for them to be actively involved in creative learning themselves.  She was a co-writer of ON TAPP a resource to support training of teachers and artists which provides a professional development model, practical tools and strategies and is available free of charge under a creative commons licence from: https://weareive.org/impact/the-teacher-artist-partnership-programme/


Taking Up Space


Co-devised the Taking Up Space Manifesto outlining the primary principles of relational arts practice in formal and informal social and civic settings.



2004 – 2013

Devised and tutored on Eastfeast professional development programmes (2004 – 2013).




Co-devised and tutored on Teacher Artist Partnership Programme (TAPP) professional development and action research for teachers and artists.




Coordinator/report writer on action research enquiry to understand better the roles and responsibilities of teachers and artists in classroom collaborations.

The success of Anna and Mark's work is to do with the children wanting to question more, wanting to find out more, they’re empowered more to ask those questions and to pursue aspects of science that they feel fascinated by.

Head Teacher