Text: Rising Eights

Anger a’nger (.ngg).1.n
A window slams open and shut, banging and banging.
Each day my heart breaks and where it gets the strength to mend itself I do not know

Embarrassment emba’rrass-ment n.Ff.sp. f. it. (BAR1)
I am naked in front of the whole world, the dog has pulled my trousers down in public. I cannot remember anyone’s name. I want to be a crab in a bowl.Wanting to not be here any more, want to be not, not, not here, not, no, no.

Joyjoy n.
I am flying tickled by a thousand butterflies. I clutch my box of lego and am blue whale. Poetry makes my heart beat faster.

Independently, but often together, four small boys navigate their way through the turbulent landscape of their emotions. Occasionally, overwhelmed by the task, one may fall.
The rescue party is at hand.

How many feelings does a boy have in a day? 50, 150, 1000, 25, 100, 1, 9,999, 1 billion.