The performance

An older man; Boychild 70, loses the thread. As his thoughts unravel, his mind elsewhere, an alarm goes off.We are put on dive alert. Boychild 7 opens a door and leads us out of confusion.

Foetus, Boychild 21, contemplates the father he is yet to meet. He wonders if his-story will repeat itself. 

Overwhelmed by a kaleidoscopic plethora of conflicting and ever erupting feelings, it is a tricky business, navigating one’s way through the turbulent emotional landscape inhabited by Boychild 7.

Ssh the demons are sleeping.“Please stay close to the walls, and try not to make a sound.”

His body, an oddly shaped potato, with unfamiliar sproutings, torments. Neither man nor … Boychild 14, struggles to come to terms with the inevitable.

Fractured femur forgotten, Boychild 7(0) flies a kite.

Seven Bread Mothers, boy children all, stand or lie in tranquillity. Of indeterminate middle age, they review the past, and contemplate the future.

Ensconced in a rose garden, Boychild 70, fondly remembers.
Boychild 7 makes him a cup of tea.

A breath of fresh air, causes the muslin curtains to blow in the wind. A doorway is revealed. High on the roof 500 ft above sea level, Boychild 21, beckons us to table.

He donates his organs.

Boychild 35, an expectant father, sings a hymn to his unborn child.

Boychild was first performed on Father’s Day 17th June 2007.