Text: Expectant Father

On Life
I hope he is born okay.
Through the miracle of science we have already seen that he has got four fingers and a thumb on each hand.
He is well formed, he is the right shape.
I hope he is able to speak and see.
I hope he grows quickly enough and develops in the way he is
supposed to and that he meets all these weeks, weight targets.

On Labour
No one has ever described it to me.You don’t know how to interpret that.You cannot know until you are there. Some people have said that men should not experience labour, and it changes your perspective on your partner. Other men have said that they would not have missed it for the world.

I am really looking forward to it; but I really don’t know what to expect.

I’ve seen the pictures; the raw emotion, the pain.

It’s an amazing thing that is going to happen.

On Fatherhood
I don’t want to be his hero, because I think you get terribly let down, if you regard your father as a hero, as this immensely strong bloke, who you actually realise is quite emotionally frail and afraid of lots of things which is why he is angry all the time.

I’d like my son to be at peace with himself and have inner confidence. I have my own theories about how I am going to accomplish that miracle.

You have aspirations for your children and you hope that you can live up to those.You hope your children aren’t going to end up hating you or resenting you.You want to show your child the
best things in life you can.