Text: Bread Mother

For me I felt working the dough brought me closer to physical labour and the traditional male role, from which I feel almost totally removed in modern living.

Asperger Syndrome is often linked to a state of maleness, but in my experience it has proved to be a double edged sword. It has enabled me to see and understand the less favoured traits of male behaviour in these times of male identity uncertainties.

My father spent his life towing the line.

He did what people expected of him, he was traditional.

I remember having a little red plastic guitar when I was four, no a bit younger, maybe three. We used to have an old gramaphone. It was very magical. It was like seeing colours; an array of colours. I could see colours coming out of the gramaphone. It’s very strong. There was a little hole in the speaker cloth. I could peer through and see the working valves.

It was magical. It coloured all my life.

I always follow my heart.When I haven’t, when I’ve gone against my heart, my gut feeling, it has always been disastrous.