BLOOD MAKES NOISE Evaluation Report

Download report here.  Chronic kidney disease (CKD) has a deep impact on family life and patient ability to lead full and productive lives and so, in consultation with renal consultant and dietitian, a creative project was devised by Arts in Hospital coordinator Alex Coulter with artist/film-maker Peter Snelling. Having been inspired by For the Best, a project in renal wards in Liverpool and London created with Anna Ledgard/Mark Storor (Walsh, 2011) the team wanted to devise a participatory arts process which engaged patients directly in making a film and built patient, public and staff understanding of living with renal illness. The project was to have a special focus on the relationship between diet and renal disease. The arts were seen by both clinician and dietitian, not only as a way of engaging patients in self-expression, but additionally as a means of addressing the difficult and emotionally charged area of patient behaviour around diet and fluid intake. Funding was successfully raised from the British Kidney Patient Association (BKPA) and the Wellcome Trust. Evaluation Report written by Anna Ledgard.